Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Dressed Like a Pro - Summer 2020

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Dressed Like a Pro - Summer 2020

If you have been struggling to put together some great outfits for the summer - have no fear. I will be guiding you along to choose the best pieces for your wardrobe so you can easily mix and match for the best outfits this season. Of course, no outfit is complete without a great shoe so keep reading for everything you need to know for all of your complete looks.

Let’s dive in!

What is it about looking in your closet and not seeing anything to wear? It’s pretty reminiscent of standing in front of the fridge wanting something but not taking anything. If you are tired of standing there waiting for amazing style to just happen well it’s about to.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Dressed Like a Pro

First some ground rules:

DO consider where you will be for the venue

DO consider who you are with

DO add your own style

DO take some risks

DO thin comfort

Okay, you got all that. Let’s get started with some summer loafers mens. If anything says comfort it’s a loafer but let’s be honest a lot of mens summer loafers can look cheap and are made poorly. Instead, opt for a quality leather loafer made in Italy to impress, stay comfortable, and stand out at your next summer event.

Summer Loafers for Men

Okay, keeping the ground rules in mind - let’s talk venue. If you are going to any event that is red carpet, a screening, outdoor style event where there will be lots of photographs - wear some stand out summer loafers.

My favorites are - Azure Ghepardo Tassel Loafer, Blu Viper Tassel Loafer, and the Stella Collection Black Stella Tassel Loafer. These match beautifully with an elegant tuxedo or S by Sebastian Cruz Dinner Jacket in a variety of colors.

If you want need to get noticed, get these comfortable loafers for men and match them with a great pair of trousers and a dress shirt. You can keep your look casual and wear a simple S by Sebastian Dress Shirt and Dusta Rosa which are mostly linen, perfect for a warm day.

Daytime Looks for the Summer

Around the office and out to lunch it’s easy to wear something that will leave you cool, comfortable, but still in style. Roll up the sleeves on Denim Lapis Weavetex Dress Shirt made from 100% Italian cotton. This summer blue will match perfectly with a dark--wash pair of jeans, a pair of white trousers, or linen pants. Don’t forget affordable loafers to complete the look. A few of the top picks for comfortable loafers mens that you can wear throughout the summer are:

Cerulean Spazzola Tassel Loafer and White Tweed Legare Tassel Loafer

If you need something more dressy for daytime for example, a speaking engagement or important day-to-evening event consider a dressier loafer like the Damascus Series Black Tassel Loafer or Silver Diamante Tassel Loafer.

Daytime Weddings

Whether it’s your special day or someone else’s a summer outdoor wedding is a sight to behold. Choose an elegant outfit to wow your special someone.

For the Groom

Wedding at the beach? Keep it casual but elegant with a beautiful Champagne Oro Fiore Jacket. Match with white trousers, a gold Diamante Tassel Loafer, cuff links, waistcoat, and paisley tie. You can also choose other colors to match the bride’s dress doing all white and bring in other colors for the theme of the wedding or the setting.

A white Stella Tassel Loafer is a nice choice paired with linen pants and an S by Sebastian White Signature Shirt. If you want a pop of color add a double-breasted waistcoat in Dusta Rosa and matching jacket. A Rose Prato with a white signature border is a great extra accent to complement the bride’s bouquet.

Nighttime Events

When it comes to choosing your nighttime look it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. If you want to make a statement consider your wardrobe carefully. Impressions matter so consider what the event is about and whether or not you will be in the spotlight or not. 

For an important meeting or Gala, go bold or go home. Even in the summer, at an evening event, you can get away with rich colors like burgundy or faded amaranth, or magenta shirts 

For the trousers consider thinking outside the plain box. 

  • S by Sebastian Zar Reale Trousers

  • Ruby Brillo Trousers

  • Gunmetal Lustro Trousers

Don’t forget the shoes! 

Each would pair perfectly with the comfortable and perfectly styled pair of Stella Collection Black Tassel Loafers or Black Diamante Tassel Loafer with signature blue soles. 

Wrap Up

If you are ready to switch your wardrobe and embrace the summer trends - make it easy. Buy the perfect classics so you can mix and match them easily for daytime or evening events. Whether you need to get all dressed up for a wedding party or need a low-key but bold statement look for that important business dinner be ready. To start creating your collection go here

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