The Secret Behind Keeping Your Dress Shirt Collar Stiff

The Secret Behind Keeping Your Dress Shirt Collar Stiff

A quality shirt can kick your look up a notch especially at a relatively high price point such as more than a $100. 

Collars specifically, bring your look together and frame your face. 

However, most people prefer wearing shirts without a tie which may cause the collars to limp down and look sloppy. Sounds like a disaster right? That’s because it is, and to avoid this as all costs, we have four tips for you to avoid the ‘limpy collar syndrome

  1. The Shirt Placket 

The placket acts as the core that adds structural strength to the shirt's appearance. Therefore, bolster the placket bolsters the shape of the front of the shirt and helps keep the collar up.

There are two types of plackets which you can experiment with:

The French placket refers to the absence of a common front placket. Its plain front presents a clean look that is neither too casual nor too formal. However, if the top buttons are undone, the front of the shirt can collapse because the front of the shirt cannot bear the weight of the collar.

The standard placket has a visible seam that runs vertical, next to the buttons. An inch or two of fabric is folded and sewn down the front as a separate piece, with stitches on both sides. The gap between the folded fabric is sometimes reinforced with fusing.

  1. Select The Right Collar Style

PSA: Wearing shirts with an open neck requires a strong collar. 

Therefore, if you prefer to wear your shirt without a tie, make sure that your collar doesn't collapse.

To ensure this, notice how your shirt sits on your collar bone, its size, weight and collar spread (which is the distance between collar points). 

Another important factor is the length of the collar point: 

Point Collars & Narrow Point Collars: These types of collars are the heaviest and tend to fall in on themselves when the placket is weak because of their size. They are also the tallest collars which add to the weight.

Spread & Cutaway Collar: Spread collars are lighter and shorter in size. They do the best job staying up on their own without a tie.

Button-down: The button down collar tends to pull the weight of the collar down to either side causing excess floppiness.

  1. Purchase Shirts With Collar Stays

Collar stays are the opening behind the collar which is a standard element in the making of shirts. Collars stays are usually a plastic or metal strip that holds the collar's shape and keeps it close fo the fabric of the shirt front. 

While some shirts have collar stays already sewn in, quality shirtmakers often offer removable collar stays.

While these are a few conventional ways of reinforcing the collar and placket, innovation has led to unique methods of doing the same, such as through snap closures underneath the collar,  hidden adhesive strips and magnetic shirt stays. 

  1. Use Starch Spray 

Starch provides significant sturdiness to the shirt fabric, helping it to maintain a crisp appearance for longer into the day. Therefore, we recommend doing the same while ironing your shirt on your collar and placket area.  

However, do note that starch breaks down during the day and accelerates the deterioration of the fabric, reducing the lifespan of your clothes. Moreover, it can also irritate your skin and cause itchiness. 

While collar stays, magnetic stays, double-sided tape and buttons on collars might help with fixing a sloppy collar, it’s ineffective on a crumbling placket. Therefore, all the above are quick, short term fixes. 

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