What to Wear - Men's Fashion in 2020

What to Wear - Men's Fashion in 2020

If you are feeling overwhelmed with choices of what to wear to dinner, I have got you covered. No matter what the event this piece will help you always reach for the right look for any occasion. If your closet is lacking and your event is fast approaching, keep reading to get the outfits you will need to impress at any function.

Casual Engagements

Just because the invite says casual, don’t show up in shorts, your favorite shirt from college, and flip-flops. This may be acceptable for a backyard BBQ with the guys but for what to wear to a casual dinner, your impression matters.

Keep the following in mind as well when choosing your look: Let’s call these the four absolutes

  • Weather - choosing the right fabrics and layers will keep you from looking flustered or frozen

  • Venue - outdoor or indoor - indoor looks can get away without a jacket while outdoor really calls for one

  • Purpose - what is the nature of the event - is there a theme that you can tie into your look

  • Role - who are you at this particular event? If you will be presenting add a touch more formality. If you are meant to work the crowd an eye-catching accessory does the trick.

Got this all down? Great. Now let’s build your look with the following pieces:

Top to Bottom

Shirts - keeping in mind our four absolutes, here are some great options for shirts for your casual look.

  1. Signature Dress Shirt - this is a must for any closet,. Comfortable and versatile. Can be paired with anything from a casual slack, a nice pair of jeans, or elegant pant. Pick a few staple colors that you can pair with anything. I love a Black Signature Dress Shirt and Charcoal Dress Shirt.

  2. Summer and Outdoor Looks - for warmer weather you can wear a short sleeve. A tailored shirt will always make you look put together and professional. Try a Blu Poplin Short Sleeve Shirt or a Charcoal Plaid Shirt

  3. Dinner Jacket with Jeans - yes you can wear jeans for a casual event. The trick is to choose well-fitted jeans in a dark wash that will fit your dinner jacket and dress shirt.

  4. Dinner Jackets can add a lot to your look - The Black Fantasia Jacket is a Sebastian Cruz must. Perfect for a casual event dressed down with a crisp dress shirt and slacks or dressed up with a vest or double-breasted waistcoat and accessories.

Now for the bottoms

Trousers - always a great investment, choose from a range of colors and styles.

  1. For winter events think tweed and wool trousers.

  2. For spring and summer enjoy breathable Denim, Cotton, and Silkslacks

  3. Don’t be afraid of color - get noticed in a bright Iris Gemelli trouser or Dusta Rosa.

Shoes, and other accessories.

For a casual event think of an easy loafer for your shoes. Don’t buy a cheap pair of dress shoes you will regret the pain instantly not to mention the need to replace them constantly. Investing in Italian-made 100% leather shoes will always last, feel great, and look beautiful. Choose a loafer with or without a tassel.

Accessories for a casual dinner event or usually minimal but you can’t go wrong with a handsome pair of cuff links Add a bow tie for personality and flare.

What to Wear to a Fancy Dinner

Now that you have your casual looks down pat let’s get ready for the important fancy dinner. What to wear to a fancy dinner can be a stressful ordeal. So avoid the following BIG mistakes:





Besides usually being dated and worn looking, a rented tux will never fit you the way a beautiful tailored tuxedo or dinner jacket will. Speaking of which, here are some easy rules for choosing on dinner jacket vs. tuxedo. A black-tie event always calls for a tuxedo. A dinner jacket, on the other hand, is a great go-to for other events from casual (as mentioned above) to what to wear to a nice dinner.

For a best-dressed look pick from one of the following or get all three!

Look #1: Extra Elegance


Black Paisley Dinner Jacket, S by Sebastian White Signature Dress Shirt, S by Sebastian Black Double Breasted Waistcoat, S by Sebastian Black Trousers, White Nieve with White & Black Flake Signature Border, Marseilles Paisley in Black Argento Bow Tie, Damascus Series Black Lace-Ups or Stella Collection Black Stella Tassel Loafer.

Look #2: The Showstopper

Cranberry Cardinale Lino Tweed Jacket, Cranberry Cardinale Lino Tweed Double Breasted Waistcoat, Cranberry Cardinale Lino Tweed Trousers, White Herringbone Jacquard Dress Shirt, Silver Diamante Tassel Loafer, Strawberry Hamptons with Red Signature Border

Look #3: Pop the Question

S by Sebastian Midnight Plum Paisley Dinner Jacket, White Herringbone Jacquard Dress Shirt, S by Sebastian Black Trousers, Black Stella Lace-Ups.

For more exciting looks peruse our gallery for inspiration.

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