Hacks To Dominate An Event With Your Formalwear

Hacks To Dominate An Event With Your Formalwear

The dinner suits or jackets make a perfect gentleman look. People love to wear them at a formal event, especially weddings. The advantage of a dinner jacket is that you can wear it multiple times on different occasions. If you are bored of the same combination every time and want to have a distinguishing attire, you can go for something exceptional. You can choose matching trousers, a necktie or a formal shirt. There are a lot more ideas to give your marriage suit an eye catchy appeal. Everyone will admire your selection as well as a combination of accessories.

Ways to pair your jacket nicely.

If you want to mix up your dinner jacket in an elegant way, so everyone loves your selection, then you can adopt the following new and trends. You can pair it with different shirts, neckties, shoes, and pants. Let's find other methods to have decency and tradition in your look to win the party.

Forget the neckwear and use a scarf.

It is the best way to freshen up your jacket. You want to wear your dinner jacket with nice trousers, and a formal dress shirt, but you have to forgo your bow tie and use the a scarf artfully to drape around your neck.

It will transform your black-tie look entirely and give off a sophisticated appeal. You can play around with patterns and colors in the form of a scarf. The Sebastian Cruz Couture Signature Print will add a touch of class to the look. Moreover, you can choose different colors to make other colors from the look "pop" from the dinner jacket or even shoes. 

Exceptional shoe style

If you fancy channeling your inner feelings and don't want to have an all-black look, why not use the roll neck and fancy loafers or slippers.  It will look fabulous when you pair your jacket with such shoes at a party or posh dinner. The shoes are easy to wear and comfortable. You can use the scarf, and you don't need to have to spend a lot of time making that bow tie knot perfect! You can adjust it in few seconds. This scarf will make a perfect match with shoes, and you will definitely have a statement look. Everyone will look upon you as you will be making a unique statement.

Shawl lapels

Smoking jackets are in trend these days. You can find a wide range of these dapper pieces because of their elegance. The lapels are available with many details and in the same fabrics as the body of the jacket. You can select from silk satin lapels or use the same fabric as the body of the jacket. Shawl Lapels look far more formal, which is why people gravitate towards them and are finding many ways to creatively wear them. The bog-standard version looks cool and is versatile. You can dress up with a high collar shirt and/or bow tie. Moreover, you can wear it with contrasting trousers or turn it into a full 3 piece suit. The choice is yours. 

Silk jacquard blazer

Are you bored of black-tie suit and looking for something distinguishing? If you want to turn necks at the party when you walk in, give the silk jacquard blazer a chance. The lovely ensemble, well-tailored and perfect fit coat will look fabulous. You can buy the blazer with natty paisley or having geometric print. Thus it will look incredible and offer a stylish appeal to your personality.

This stylish blazer is in trend nowadays. People are now moving from black to lighter colors, textures, and shades. People opt for exciting pieces and look for something exceptional to wear at the party.

Cream dinner jacket

For the classic and traditional appeal, other than the black-tie dress code, you can choose the cream dinner jacket. It looks sophisticated and elegant. It adds the wow factor to your personality. You can give your personality a subtle look by pairing it with a maroon velvet scarf and a black pleated shirt. To pop up your look, you can pair it with black formal shoes as well as the stylish wristwatch.

What other things can you do?

Some other ways to partner your jacket with different accessories to give yourself a subtle appeal includes

  • Pairing with tuxedo jacket with tuxedo trousers
  • Add a bowtie or necktie
  • To have a complete look, pair it with our signature shoes.

Final thoughts

Looking attractive at the party can be overwhelming, especially if you make a wrong decision. It is definitely important to consider your options. This is where our Shop By Inspiration page becomes so helpful. You will definitely get some unique ideas on how to come up with something that connects with your personality. You will look fantastic, because you will feel fantastic. Make sure to spend time putting together the right accessories. It's never just about one piece, its about telling a story. If you want to have a different look, then instead of wearing a bow tie, use a scarf, a unique loafer rather than the patented formal shoes and transform your black tuxedo into a patterned look. You will look stunning, exceptional, and well-dressed. It is the best way to go to an event with persuasive appeal.


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