Style Tips For Casual Groom Attire

Style Tips For Casual Groom Attire

Is your wedding near but you don’t want to go with they typical black-tie look? Are you thinking of having casual groom attire in the auspicious event of your life? Then yes, it is a wonderful idea. People now prefer to wear something chic and en vogue style other than very formal dinner jackets like Tuxedos. If you are a casual type guy and looking for something exceptional other than evening jackets, then here we have some style tips to follow. You can uniquely wear the routine dress to make your day more special.

Lilac Blu Lino Tweed Look 

Standout among the crowd

While planning your wedding look, first it should be unique and different from the groomsmen and guests. Although you have decided you want a casual loo it must have its unique look to stand amongst the crowd. Your suit can match with your groomsmen, but it must not be a carbon copy. Your outfit must be noticeably distinguishable from the rest of your guests. Try to choose different accessories, different fabrics, suit colors, and styles. If you do it right, you will nail it! 


Dress up with a white shirt

If you don’t want to wear formal attire, then no need to rack your brain for a casual style. You don’t need to worry, simply go for the white shirt and pair them with some unique trousers. This will look timeless yet give you a casual look. It will help you look stunning and you will make for a memorable wedding album.


Blue jeans?


If you want to have something distinguishable on your wedding day,  check out this denim look. Also, you don’t want to look traditional, and then give yourself a classic look. For this, try our Genziana Denim Trousers that will make more sense than the traditional style outfit. Make sure everything is hemmed and pressed correctly to stay casual but not have a sloppy look.

Have jacket free or vested look

For a themed, small, outdoor, or vintage wedding, you can think of the different alternative to your traditional suit. You can opt for the jacket-less approach. You can give yourself a smart look in different ways. You can choose the vest and rolled-up sleeves giving off a vintage aesthetic. You can go for the classic suspenders and pick a unique style of buttons to give yourself a 20s inspired look. 

A cool Hawaiian look for ultimate appeal 

If you are inspired by Hawaiian culture and want to give yourself a chic appeal by wearing a shirt with an island vibe with special cheeky type appearance. To have a groom look wear a jacket over it. Otherwise, a shirt with trees and a floral pattern with a white base will be awesome. You will stay comfortable and relaxed during your reception. Moreover, you can pair it with a hat, especially if your event is along the coastline and during day time.

Chambray Chic

Chambray is one of the superb outfits that is worn casually during beach day trips. It belongs to the classic white shirt family. It looks awesome for the beach nuptials and farm wedding events.


Consider a Boutonniere

You can add a casual look to your dinner jacket by having the boutonniere accessories. It is the traditional and classy accessory that most people use for formal occasions. These are made with fresh flowers. If you don’t want to look frumpy or dated, keep the pocket square and reduce other accessories. You can make boutonniere with leaves, small flowers, vines, or non-floral-based variations to give a sleek or modern look. Get creative by assembling the unique bunch of flowers. Moreover, you can add a personal message, a symbol of something exceptional, and a nod to your wedding theme. Thus, you will have a classy, casual, and stunning look.


Khaki Shorts

For beach weddings or elopement then go comfortable by wearing khaki shorts. The groomsmen will also wear this look. His will have a stunning appeal, and you will enjoy and stay relaxed in this superb casual attire. Moreover, for summer, pair with a white t-shirt and give a perfect summer look. 


Tweed Vest

If you want to look casual but not ordinary, you can prefer a formal shirt and trousers with a tweed vest. Don’t pair it with the dinner jacket or Tuxedo. This way, you will have a semi-formal type look. You can wear the classic cute tweed vest. You can wear this piece in multiple ways. Thus, it will make it for practical spending. You can invest in sophisticated patterns and quality fabrics.


Be practical

Although casual groom attire is quite different from the formal one, you have to add some wow factor to look unique from others. Either you are dressing up for the landscape or the weather; you have to be careful in choosing your attire. As for rocky coastline elopement, you may have to climb up or down in rocky hills then decide your pieces accordingly. Your suit must compliment your venue. Choose the casual shirt and layer with trousers or shorts and comfortable shoes.

Wool dress

For the winter wedding, if you want a casual dress-up, skip the traditional Tuxedo and go for the wool sport coat. It will be warm and cozy option with a complete casual appeal.


A Tie & Suspenders


You can wear the sleeveless shirt with a thin suspender and a necktie for the summer events. It is a complete summer casual look. You can pair it with your shorts and casual loafers. 


Eclectic Jacket


If you are planning for the hipster or boho style dress, then pair your button-up shirt with the stylish jacket. Either you are using the earthy tone corduroy having elbow patches or bright tweed both will add a personal style and give a stunning look.

For more ideas, visit Sebastian Cruz Couture shop by inspiration page and find the casual wears for your big day.

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