Tips For Men To Choose A Jacket For A Dinner Party

Tips For Men To Choose A Jacket For A Dinner Party

Are you invited to a dinner party? This is a formal event, and you happen to be confused about what attire you should wear in this event? Yes, it may be somewhat tricky, and you have to find a suitable suit from your wardrobe to look handsome at the party. If the situation is confusing and you want to wear a jacket at the party but don't feel confident on how to put a look together fear no more! 


Here we have gathered few tips to pair your dining jacket in the best way with other menswear accessories.

Point To Ponder

Here we have listed few tips, but before you choose your whole attire, you must know the nature of the event and select the best men's dinner jacket accordingly. In this way, you can layer your Tuxedo jacket wonderfully.

Ways to wear the dinner jacket.

  • Wear with a black tie

The dinner jacket makes a fantastic combination with a black tie. You can pick the black tuxedo and pair it with a black necktie or bow tie. To give yourself a statement look, you can layer your black dinner jacket with a black tie, black jacquard, and a formal white shirt.

Moreover, you can give a perfect appeal to yourself by wearing the double breasted waistcoat and bowtie also.


Evening Wear


Dinner jackets make a perfect collaboration with neckwear and can quickly convert your look to a showstopper. You can consider swapping your tuxedo trousers with a pair of trousers in the same jacquard fabric as the dinner jacket. You can switch from bow tie to standard tie. A jacquard dinner jacket can be ideal to choose from with our luxurious fabrics and contrasting satin or velvet pieces. It creates a charismatic effect and will groom your personality.


Ivory Dinner Jacket

Cream dinner jacket gives off a classic and clean look. Thanks to the soft tone it makes a perfect match with black pants or same color trousers. You can pair it with black shoes, a bow tie, and black or ivory trousers. The combination will popup your personality and gives you a nice look.

Dinner jackets with white color

White color is the neutral and light hue that offers a sleek and bold look. It is a classic dapper kind of way to pair it with black tuxedo trousers, a black bow tie, and a black belt. For a more subtle look, you can opt for white pants also/same color as the jacket.


Blue Dinner Jacket

Another inspirational dinner jacket that gives you an excellent appeal is a the navy blue dinner jacket. 

Any of these; the cobalt, icy, navy, or midnight blue hue, all will give you a sharp and fashionable appearance. You can make it perfect with tuxedo trousers or the same jacquard fabric. It will give a chic appeal.

Finally, you can pair it with black trousers for a relaxed feel.


Patterned Dinner Jacket

One of the modern take-ups that will give you a "stand out look" is the use of patterned men jackets. The dinner jacket offers a subtle look. You can use the brocade or jacquard-type patterns in classic colors. For a more bold appearance, you can give a chance to the paisley type style.


Black Dinner Jacket

Black is the symbol of prestige. The unique, classic, and timeless black dinner jackets look fantastic. You must have at least one in your wardrobe. It is an everlasting color that can fit with any formal shirt. You can pair it with red, blue, white, purple, or green color. For a bold look and for evening occasions, add a black-tie, use the luxury timepiece and fine menswear Italian shoes.


What to wear with dinner jackets

First, we have described the types of dinner jackets you can select from. Now to make a statement look you can pair with the following pieces:

Formal Dress Shirt

Formal shirts make a great match with dinner jackets. These are known as ideal companions with dress coats. For a traditional look, you can pick the Tuxedo Shirt with French cuffs. Moreover, you can pick the shirt with a plain front dress shirt for a contemporary and aesthetic look. Furthermore, also consider the types of studs, and buttons that perfectly match your tuxedo.


Tuxedo trousers look elegant when paired with dinner jackets. Usually, these are high-waisted and correctly sit with a waistcoat. For the classic look, you can match your trouser with the jacket fabric. Its fabric must be of the same material as the lapel of your jacket.


Bow Tie

A bow tie gives a complete look to your preparation for the evening event. Consider a black bow tie. You can diversify your look by wearing the bow tie with the same material and texture as your dinner jacket or your pant. We suggest taking a look at our unique handmade selection of jacquard and silk bowties



Shoes reflect your personality. So pick the shoes that perfectly pair with your dinner jacket. You can chose from Lace ups or Loafers. These will add a sophisticated shine to your personality.



When considering wearing a dinner jacket, you can choose to wear the a few different style waistcoats for the statement look. The material must compliment the fabric of the jacket for a traditional and complete look.

Final thoughts

To wear dinner jacketsyou should be conscious of giving yourself a unique and bold look. For the sophisticated appeal, pair your tuxedo with matching trousers for black tie events. Don't forget to add a bow tie and wear a waistcoat. Lastly, pair with one of our formal shoes to give yourself a complete statement look.

Wearing the dinner jacket in a formal event gives off a unique personality a sophisticated appeal. So, be careful while selecting the tuxedo color, trousers, bow ties, and waistcoat. Make a perfect pairing with shoes and a wristwatch. Remember, dinner jackets reflect your persona so take the time in selecting your tuxedo and counterparts. In this way, you will definitely have a statement look and will be the best dressed man at the party. So get ready for a attractive appeal by pairing your men dinner jacket with a perfect dress shirt, trousers and handmade shoes.

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