Why Us

For the detailed
Show the details of your inner bold with each unique SCC square. Every piece is a true work of art with intricate details like no other. Display who you truly are on the inside via your own canvas on the outside.
The magic is in the making, and the key is in the small details. Without the details, we all simply just blend in. Tired of following the trend? Then set it. Bold means risk and risk means reward. 
What makes us different 
Our fine fabrics are intricately chosen and run through a thorough screening process to ensure the perfect blend of function, aesthetic appeal and versatility. 
Each piece is hand made at our in house factory in Miami with utmost attention to quality from start to finish. 
Our fabrics range from modern contemporary to classy to bold to rich and luxurious. Our squares are perfect for any style and if you don't see what you want, we offer a custom experience tailored specifically to you and your needs. 
Our pieces will stay in your pockets just the way you style them, from start to finish. Set your square and don't worry about it for the rest of the day/night. Unlike current other squares, SCC squares won't slide or fall back into the pocket. No wilting here either! We call them the Viagra of pocket squares!
The perfect touch of bold. Leaves an impression each and every single time you wear them. They perfectly tie a whole look together and truly impress your peers. Wear it out just once and feel the difference! 
Perfect for weddings, Events and high end occasions. Perfect groomsman gift, custom wedding coordinated themes and colors, and embroidery available upon request.