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Bespoke Benefits for Sebastian Cruz Couture Distributors:


PDFs that will support distributors on all their needs


We Have Several Wholesale Options Available for You!

We openly welcome reputable dealers to be a part of our expanding brand. We can work with small order ranging to large orders; prices will be subject to change with quantities purchased. We strive to provide our dealers with the best fixed margins possible for their orders. We do a small screening process with companies looking to purchase wholesale to ensure that our visions are on the same page and we are working towards a common goal with a common market. Once approved we will provide you with all the necessary materials, texts, visuals, product descriptions you will need to quickly implement our products into your store front or onto your website. We also provide custom packages for each one of our products; whether you decide to stock or direct ship, our products will be individually displayed or delivered in our signature Sebastian Cruz Couture boxes.

If you would like to setup a wholesale account with us please fill up the form below: