The Ultimate Tuxedo Checklist

The Ultimate Tuxedo Checklist

Looking for a Tuxedo that promises to highlight your best features? The one that’s going to convince your fiance that she made the right decision while she walks down the aisle? Well, if you’re not that fortunate enough, how about impressing the bridesmaids? Well, look no further as you have come to the right place. 

It's not every day that you wear a tuxedo, so it's totally normal to feel a little uninformed about all of the pieces and accessories that go along with such a formal ensemble. Before we head on to shopping, let’s look at the 13 parts of a tuxedo to know:

The Jacket

The jacket either makes or breaks your look as it frames your look, and decides if your outfit is a suit or a tuxedo (and I am sure under no circumstance are you willing to let your audience take the guess). Ideally, the lapel and breast/waist pockets on a tuxedo jacket are trimmed with satin, which creates a subtle contrast from the rest of the fabric. You'll also notice satin on the buttons along the cuffs and at the waist. 

Notch Lapel

Lapels have a great variety but make sure the one you purchase is trimmed with satin, it's considered formal. The notch lapel has an opening about two-thirds up, right below your shoulders. 

Peak Lapel 

Peak lapels sing tradition like no other, so this is the one to look for if you are putting on a traditional look, Peak lapels are considered as a very popular lapel style: It gives the illusion of broader shoulders and the deep v-shaped lines create the appearance of a narrower waist.

Shawl Lapel 

Shawl lapel best sits with an evening or fashion-forward or glamorous occasion. It represents style, is smooth and rounded, which creates a more modern look compared to other jacket styles. 

Bow Ties 

Choose your accessories wisely, as they truly bring your whole look together, a mismatch is very likely to ruin your formal ensemble. While you can wear a straight necktie with a tuxedo, bow ties are the preferred choice if you're going for a sophisticated look. The tie should be of silk or satin in a plain colour. Black is the standard option, but you can consider a dark blue or dark green colour for a trendier effect.


Cufflinks are the most important part of your tuxedo. They serve a lot more than their practicality of securing the cuffs on your dress shirt together, they show off your personality. Consider buying a special pair of cufflinks for your wedding day—you'll enjoy re-wearing them again for special occasions in the future. 


Studs are recommended if you want to swap out the plain buttons on your tuxedo shirt for something with more formality and flair. Similar to cufflinks, opt for really special ones so that you can re-wear them again for special occasions in the future. 


A typical cummerbund is a satin sash that goes across your waist to cover the waistband of your trousers and suspender loops if you're wearing them. A cummerbund is typically paired with a bow tie, but never a straight tie or a vest. 

Lapel Pin

Boutonniere, which is a single flower or small cluster of flowers are typically partnered with tuxedos but feel free to keep an eye out for decorative lapel pins instead. Based on your look, it can either be hand-crafted metal vines or from fabric or paper. Make sure it all comes together!



Due to its extra flair, bow ties are best paired with a wingtip collar, which extends up and over the tie itself. This pairing creates a sharp, crisp edge and marks the formality of your big day. 


Another popular shirt collar style is the spread collar. This style features exaggerated downward points at the front of the shirt collar with only a few inches of space in between. It's a good option if you prefer a straight tie rather than a bow tie. 


The points on this collar are much more separated and extend in opposite directions. This gives you plenty of space to show off a fancy bow tie or intricate knots, and it also creates a more modern finish. 


Suspenders are one of the most important parts of a tuxedo, primarily because most tuxedo pants don't actually have belt loops. Apart from keeping your pants and ensemble intact, they also eliminate the importance of a bulky belt. 

When wearing suspenders, tuxedo etiquette dictates that they are covered with either a vest or a cummerbund, although many people choose to skip this rule. 

Pocket Square

Pocket squares are a decorative accessory- it’s a colourful piece of fabric, like silk or polyester, that has been folded into a triangle and tucked into the breast pocket.  For a completely unexpected detail, skip the fabric pocket square and ask your wedding florist to create a floral one instead. 

Now that the basics are covered where can you find the ultimate tuxedo that is literally enough, tailored to your requirements and tastes?

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Happy shopping folks!

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