How to match dress shoes and tie with your wedding suit?

How to match dress shoes and tie with your wedding suit?

To set a fashionable statement, it is essential to pair the dinner jacket with your shoes and necktie nicely. A poor combination will take away from your personality. Therefore, it is good to match the right shoes and tie with your marriage suit to compliment your personality. If your big day is nearing you want to make sure your combination is spot on We are providing you a guide to match your suit with the right shoe color, style, and neckwear.

Cammello Lace Ups

Shoe selection is based on the formalness of your event. You need a proper formal shoe for the wedding day while for the casual groom's attire, you can go for less formal. We have plenty of options to meet your needs. However, it looks elegant if you do formal look with one of our lace-ups. Let's find the best combination to add a spectacular touch to your personality.

First, select the formal dinner jacket color. You can pick the black that offers a complete formal look, brown for having a relaxed vibe. It is formal-looking too and can be used in multiple events. Burgundy or oxblood looks aesthetic and gives a chic appeal.

Shoes and tie match with multiple suits

Here we have listed few formal dinner jacket colors to pair your shoes and tie with your marriage suit.

Navy blue wedding suit

It is an actual color in men's wardrobes. If you choose your big day, then it's a beautiful color to wear for your special event. The color goes best with a formal shoe color that is black or brown. Moreover, to combine necktie, red, dark blue, and maroon sits well with this shade. This is good when you wear a formal white shirt with your navy blue suits. It offers a relaxed and dapper appeal to the wearer.

Light grey wedding suits

Light grey suits are, although less versatile, yet bring elegance to the personality. These are even less formal, but some men love to wear them during their big day. These can be worn in a range of settings. The black shoe fits well with this type of color. Moreover, charcoal grey, black, and red tie look fantastic. It makes a perfect combination with these colors and adds a persuasive touch to your personality.

Charcoal grey dresses

The charcoal grey suits are the best option to wear during the big day when your event is at night. You can pair it with oxblood, black and dark brown shoes. Avoid lighter brown colored shoes as it does not give an inspiring look. You can choose the maroon, dark blue, charcoal grey, and black colored tie for your big day. 

Brown suits

If you opt for brown suits, then it is a good thought as fewer people go for this, but that can be ok for the wedding occasion. To make a nice combination with other accessories, you can wear brown shoes and a brown tie. You can choose the oxblood and burgundy shoes also.

Blue suits

The color is getting popular due to its smart look. The blue dinner suit must be paired with the color of the rigid shoes. These are less traditional than the navy blue shades. For choosing the discerning with your shoe color, it is important to choose the right tie and shoe color. You can choose the tanned shades or light brown color shoes and tie to give yourself a complete look.

Black suits

A black suit is the most formal type of attire. More than 70% of people prefer black dinner suits to wear on their wedding day. The tuxedos can be paired well with the men's dress shoes and black shoes.

You can technically pair it with a black suit with different colored shoes. You can make the relaxed blend with brown, black, or burgundy shoes.

Type of the shoes

There is a wide variety of formal shoe styles available. You don't have to pick the right color, but the style matters also.

Burgundy Loafer

Oxford type shoes

Oxfords are considered timeless shoes. These are the best and most popular type of dress shoes. These have a closed lacing pattern. You can have a silhouette pattern. These are available in black or charcoal grey suits.

Derby shoes

Derby shoes are another awesome type of formal shoes having facing attached to the vamp.  These are worn with casual or semi-formal dresses. But people like to wear it during wedding events also during summers.

Brown Wingtip Brogues

The brown wingtip is less formal shoes that you can wear with blue, navy, brown, and grey suits. You can wear it with less formal attire or a more formal ensemble.

Brogues are available in brown shades. Dark shades are versatile and make a good combination with lighter and darker shades with brown or blue suits. 

Double monk straps

It is the shoes having roots from monks to wear them as a protective alternative to traditional sandals. Although these do not make good marriage shoes yet, you can wear them with your casual groom suit.


These are other trendy shoes that are in these days. You can buy for your dinner suits and give your personality an outclass appeal.

Just like your shoes, you have to prioritize your necktie also. You should choose the color that makes a perfect combination with your wedding suit.

You can pick the silk knitted tie, square base tie, or wide style tie can be a good option to wear with your wedding suit.


Final Thoughts

Pairing the dinner jacket with the right accessories is very important. If you don't focus and wear the shoe color that matches your suit, it will give you an odd touch. Therefore, be conscious, do homework and then pair your dinner suit with the right style of shoes, appropriate color. Moreover, your necktie must be of trendy style as well as a color complement with your suit. In this way, you will have the best suit combination and look bold.

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